Kevin. Programmer and (open source) software enthusiast. I prefer statically typed and compiled languages, especially Go. I also have a warm heart for C, although I have never really programmed with it. C++ is also ok. Java is OK I guess, but pretty much verbose.

Online stuff

  1. Compiling vmime with mingw/msys – a howto on compiling vmime with mingw/msys (not updated).
  2. Dump – where I dump stuff for quick sharing.
  3. Github – my github profile page with projects.


This is a collection of small open-source projects I maintain.

hmon – a very simplistic http ‘monitor’.

At work I’m maintaining several hundreds of HTTP (web)services on test environments. Think WSDL and XML (yuck). I was frequently ‘challenged’ to check whether every single one of these services are still running. I could obviously use something like SoapUI, but I grow tired of GUIs. Therefore I created something of my own, which ‘pings’ these webservices, and on the response zero or more content ‘assertions’ are fired to check whether the service is still returning what I expect.

wasp – web based ‘remote control’ for mplayer.

The idea was to put this on a Raspberry Pi. mplayer doesn’t make use of the GPU however, and therefore I couldn’t really make use of my own program yet. Besides, XBMC exists which does the job much better. I am keeping the source for nostalgia’s sake, since it’s the first Go program I’ve created.

navi – directory based music player for Linux.

This was my pet project to learn C++ more thoroughly. It makes use of wxWidgets and GStreamer. It was pretty much functional, but lost interest a bit since I’m currently using Spotify (Premium) to listen to music.